Families Learning to Love Christ

From the early days of organizing five people around a small living room to the two hundred and fifty people enjoying funnel cake and rock walls at the CrossWalk Carnival, the mission has been the same: Telling people about Jesus. Whether you’ve been at CrossWalk one time or one hundred times, we welcome you to experience the love of Jesus the way He meant it to be. You may have a few questions about what and who CrossWalk Church is and it’s the goal of everyone here to answer any lingering questions that aren’t available here.

What’s in a Church?

CrossWalk Church may not look like your traditional church but you can be sure that Jesus is the main thing inside and outside of the building. Every year we strive to reach out to the community with four major events, outreach in the Angier community and hosting special events at the campus. What you’ll find inside is a relaxed, comfortable and accessible environment allowing you to focus on growing your relationship with Christ.

The Mission of CrossWalk Church is giving the gospel to the unsaved, equipping them to become fully functioning believers of Christ.


We’re always looking for ways to get people involved in ministry. Whether you would rather wave people in to the parking lot or operate the sound booth, all the options are available for anyone to gt their hands into helping out at CrossWalk Church. You can email us from our contact page or ask us directly during services. No one is ever too busy to handle any questions you might have!